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Common Domestic Washing Machine Problems that we can fix include:


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• Washing Machine fills when it's not supposed to

• The machine is incorrectly draining

• Water doesn't heat up properly

• No water entering the machine

• Unit is leaking

• Machine constantly overfills with water

• Fabric conditioner compartment full of water

• Unusual washing machine odours

  1. Programme stopping mid-cycle

  2. or not completing its cycle

• Laundry not cleaning correctly

• Flashing lights and ceased operation

• Constantly clicking program selector knobs

If you need to get your washing machine repaired and working again, quickly and for a lot less than the cost of a new machine we're your local experts with over 20 years experience.

You know how frustrating it is when your washing machine breaks down.

It's then you realise just how much you depend on it, and how much it gets used. Your washing machine goes through a lot, especially if used on a daily basis and so it's not unusual for a mechanical fault to creep in over time.

In these modern times it sometimes appears that buying a new washing machine may be cheaper than a repair, assuming that the cost of the washing machine repair will be expensive, but this is not always the case, especially with Altrincham Domestics. In these challenging economic times it is therefore wise to check with a local repair expert first to evaluate the problem.


I need somebody, not just anybody...

Michael can help with many common domestic appliance problems.

Michael Welby and his team have over 20 years of experience dealing with many different domestic appliance problems. When possible Michael will attend to domestic or commercial properties that same day, often with no call out charge in the local Altrincham and South Manchester areas. Michael takes pride in a truly local, professional and reliable service. So the next time you have a domestic appliance problem, from a Dyson to a Dishwasher, don’t spend hours on the phone to a call centre, take a minute to call Michael Welby at Altrincham domestics.

• Electrical tripping or fusing or other electrical faults

• Drum unable to spin

• Machine door is jamming

• Loud or excessive noise

• Fabric conditioner not being used

• Washing machine error codes

Plus all other problems not listed here.

Simply call us with your problem.

We love a challenge.

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